Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

NSME Akron/Canton is the premier organization for leading sales and marketing practitioners in our region and plays a significant role in strengthening our communities.

NSME Akron/Canton members are known for identifying and mastering emerging trends, and exemplify thought-leadership in their industries.  NSME Akron/Canton maintains close connections with several similar leading-edge organizations across the United States.

Our Mission

NSME Akron/Canton develops personal and professional excellence.

Our Values

NSME Values guide members to achieve the highest standards of sales and marketing professionalism:

Educate: We provide top-caliber informative, inspirational programming for professional development.

Network: We nurture valuable, life-long relationships, personally and professionally.

Mentor: We encourage and advise the next generation of sales and marketing professionals.

Live Ethically: We embody the high standards of professional integrity.

National Sales & Marketing Executives | 2430 40th Street NE | Canton | OH | 44705