April NSME Dinner

The Tangier 06.00 pm

"Can’t We Just Talk?":  Bridging the Gap between Marketing and Operations by Jeff Lange, President/COO ST&P Marketing Communications, Inc. 


Traditionally, Marketing and Operations have worked in silos, the latter focusing on building the brand and acquiring customers and the latter focusing on ensuring positive customer experience and enforcement of standard procedures.   The two groups don’t always “talk” to one another, either in frequency or in collaboration.  New integrated business models are changing that, but the walls are still up in many ways.  There are some fairly simple ways to help them work together more effectively, with the end result being more sales and profits, and more consistency in what a customer expects out of the shopping experience and what is delivered.

1. The key to getting Marketing and Operations to work together is better communication of how they can help one another.

2.  Operations can benefit from having a marketing touch added to their programs.

 3.  Marketing can benefit from having real-world input from Operations on planned marketing programs.



Jeff Lange, President/COO ST&P Marketing Communications, Inc. Bio:

With an extensive background in grocery and automotive parts/repair, Jeff Lange fluently “speaks” the languages of both Marketing and Operations. He has successfully developed promotional plans, pricing strategies, and operational roadmaps for two major companies (Safeway and Bridgestone), and has worked closely with numerous industry leaders on developing and implementing merchandising initiatives.  Lange obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and has been published by the Journal of American History, the University of Georgia Press, and several other academic and trade publications.

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