September NSME Workshop

The Tangier 04.30 pm

THE TALK....CONTINUED by Craig Freeman of LegalShield and Craig Chamberlain of CAIR Leadership and Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team

The Uncomfortable Conversation About Race
This is the opening interaction in a continuing conversation regarding race.
It is meant to be edgy. No growth happens in our comfort zone! This is a time to learn, not teach. Whatever perspective you come from, you don't know the whole story. We will be learning how to have difficult conversations, a skillset that is designed to be useful in organizations, families, and friendships.
• Let's not let this moment (opportunity) be lost in a political movement. 
• Let's get beneath the surface - It's ok to be uncomfortable. 
• How have the events of the past few months affected you? 
• What is your moral responsibility when you see inequality?  Will you stand against it?
• All of us are individuals, with unique perspectives. Therefore, don't make assumptions as to the "right" terms, preferences, or approaches. ASK!

Craig Freeman Bio:

“Speak life into people daily!...and Take Time to Care!”  That is the philosophy that drives Craig Freeman, enabling him to succeed in all facets of his life. Craig has thirty-eight (43) years of Management and Human Resource experience accompanied by thirty-four years of Entrepreneurship.  Craig has been helping people (From CEO’s to teenagers) break free of limited thinking, through a down to earth approach of; transparency, life experiences and his ability to affectionately hold people accountable for their inner-personal growth, which ultimately unlocks the keys to their success spiritually, relationally, and in business.  Mr. Freeman’s passion to deliver compassionate leadership has consistently allowed him to connect with management and frontline team members of many organizations, across various industries, to improve their company’s culture, productivity and bottom-line as a result of his transformational coaching.

Craig has served on several boards in his quest to always give back.  The goal of his company, EL Dunamis Group is to become the biggest unknown philanthropist it can be, thereby helping countless scores of people reach their greatest potential.

Because of Craig’s love for people he has aligned his company with LegalShield in an effort to educate and assist individuals and business owners on the various forms of risk management as it relates to identity theft while having affordable access to the legal system


Craig Chamberlain Bio:

Craig Chamberlain is first and foremost, a coach. He brings his curiosity to all he does and considers that curiosity leading to insight is among his greatest assets. His great joy is helping YOU discover who you need to BECOME, to achieve your desired success, as an individual or organization.

CAIR Leadership (spelled C. A. I. R. - Competency, Attitude, Influence, Relationships) was created to bring the principles of enlightened personal, professional, and leadership development to you. To that end, in 2011, Craig became a Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team.  Now numbering over 35,000, residing in over 165 countries, this group is led by John C. Maxwell, the number one leadership guru in the world for the past 10 years, and author of over 100 books.
Craig was shaped by Heidelberg College, The University of Utah, and the Marine Corps. His experience is diverse, having been a realtor, mortgage specialist, investor, co-owner of a coffee company, operating an internet company, and has been a multilevel marketeer.

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