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Posted: June 22, 2021

Author Tim Dimoff is Kickoff Speaker

Tim talked about many things during his one-hour presentation but started with a story of his humble beginnings in 1989. First, he joined the Greater Akron Chamber and asked to receive a listing of their top 100 small to medium-sized businesses. Then, he called all the contacts. Tim asked each person if he could have 15-minutes of their time to understand how they grew their businesses. He received 87 out of the 100 appointments using this approach – focusing on them versus his business! 

Tim went onto say that we have two customer-related problems in America today:

1)    No one does customer service well and

2)   Businesspeople, even those in sales, do not call back

He said if every business focused on better customer service and calling people back, they would have 10-15% more business without doing anything more!


High Tech Versus High Touch


Tim said everyone wants to use high tech to reach out to prospects when high touch is also needed. He suggested all marketing and sales professionals should do the following:

  • Send thank-you cards
  • Send thank-you emails
  • Send a box of cookies to good clients (or something like that)
  • Return every phone call, no matter who it is or what they are asking for

According to research, Tim went on to say that 50% of your current clients will quit you within five years. They will sever the ties because the client met someone at a networking event or was sent a compelling email that showed more value and innovation than you have. Never take a relationship for granted!

Profit is Not a Dirty Word


How do you know if your products or services are priced right?

  • If you get all Yeses, you are priced too low
  • If you get all Nos, you are priced too high
  • If you receive a variety of Yeses and Nos, you are probably priced right.


Difference Between Good and Great Money


Make money while you are sleeping (residual income) is excellent money! To achieve great money, it’s always best to have 2-3 personal and business goals. One of the goals should be a “shoot for the stars” goal. For example, Tim shared that he had a dream of landing a $1 million security contract, and within one year, he did!


Tim Authored The YOU in Business



The YOU in Business is a fun-to-read book for anyone who owns a small business or is a sales or marketing professional. The book is $20 and available to pick up at SACS Consulting & Investigative Services during regular business hours.



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