NSME North Coast - Dinner - October 26,2021

"A MOMENT IN SOMEONE’S SHOES" by Charlotte Hunt, National Speaker, Author, Licensed Counselor, and Certified Coach


Today, we live in a society that compares one person’s experiences or views to another’s as bad or good instead of valuing different backgrounds and perspectives while inviting conversation. 

There is a saying that the problem is not in people’s differences. Instead, the problem is a lack of appreciation of people’s differences and what each person can bring to the table. 
In this interactive workshop, we will be focusing on what different cultures and demographics bring to the table that we can appreciate (race, gender, handicap, financial, culture, etc.).  As a group, we will participate with each other in several simulation activities to: 
  • Spend a moment in the shoes of someone unlike us CHARLOTTE HUNT4
  • Become aware of our own bias (culturally, gender, socially, etc.) 
  • Allow someone to learn about our background, culture, gender, etc. that they did not know before
  • Help us walk in courage regarding conversations with groups outside our own  
Charlotte Hunt Bio:
As a National Speaker, Author, Licensed Counselor, and Certified Coach who has worked with celebrities, organizations, and individuals for over 26 years, Charlottes passion is to help people see their true reflection of purpose and hope amid their obstacles.
Charlotte studied Music Education, Vocal Jazz Studies, and Clinical Psychology and taught vocal improvisation and pedagogy at the prestigious Oberlin Conservatory of Music. After touring and recording nationally as a Jazz musician and commercial voice artist, working Off-Broadway, modeling internationally, and being a national radio personality for Salem Radio in Nashville, TN, Charlotte found purpose in sharing her own story.
While living in Nashville, she began working with the Governor of TN, District Attorneys offices, Boards of Education, national companies, and non-profits as a Human Resources Director, Consultant, Executive Coach, and counselor.
After releasing her award-winning first book, DAMAGED GOODS: A MEMOIR, Charlotte was featured on PBS, a two-part documentary called, A View from the Shadows, and a globally televised documentary on the 700 Club based on her life.
Charlotte has written ten books, including a psychological thriller with her latest book, A SHELTERED LIFE. She continues to write, speak, and coach, helping others to move toward their WHY and HOW.

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