NSME North Coast August 24, 2021 Luncheon

"Say What?!? Barriers to Effective Communication" by Jamy Bechler the host of the "Success is a Choice"  


Whether you are selling, leading, marketing, or influencing others, you will need to clearly convey your thoughts and your message in a way that is understood. In this session, certified John Maxwell leadership coach, Jamy Bechler, will provide some practical tips and strategies to communicate more effectively with those we interact with. He will share some barriers that get in the way of effective and healthy communication. Learn ways to properly convey a message for a better result.
(1) Communication is a key to success in sales, leadership, team-building, and culture
(2) Communication is a two-way street
(3) If a message isn't interpreted the way it was intended then healthy communication hasn't taken place
(4) Barriers to communication get in our way of being effective
(5) We are always selling and we are all leaders
Jamy Bechler Bio: 
Jamy Bechler is a professional speaker, leadership coach, author, and podcast host based out of Akron, Ohio.  He is also a John Maxwell certified leadership coach. Before going into full-time leadership work, Jamy served for 20 years as a college basketball coach and high school athletic director.  When he left his last college to become an athletic director, he was the winningest coach in program history.  His 2014 team earned the national "Champions of Character" award.  As an athletic director, he transformed the athletic department, instituting budgeting processes, student-athlete leadership training, and innovative marketing strategies that were featured in Athletic Management magazine. He supervised the 5th largest high school gymnasium in the country and oversaw the boys basketball team winning their 8th state championship (most in Indiana history). Through his experiences as an athletic director, college coach, and leadership consultant, he has created TheLeadershipPlaybook.com, which is a membership site helping athletic departments develop better teammates, more positive leaders, and stronger cultures. Jamy also is the host of the "Success is a Choice" podcast, which interviews people from various walks of life, and is the author of three books, including "The Bus Trip". He currently works with high-level organizations, teams, athletes, and coaches to help them maximize their potential in the area of leadership, culture, and teamwork. You can learn more about him by visiting JamyBechler.com or on Twitter @CoachBechler

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