October NSME Workshop

The Tangier 04.30 pm

"What does it take to have Personnel Buy into your Business" by John Menches, CEO, Menches Bros Burger


John Menches3

 There are many horror stories about owning or running a restaurant. Even here at Tangiers. But, applying QA wisdom lesson learned concepts in managing the operation and achieving buy-in from employees is what it takes for successful businesses. John will talk about the same old QA jargon you all have heard about over the years. He will show you what and how he adapted the QA style into a reality that gives him a great Joy and peace of mind as a restaurant owner. Trust him, the restaurant owner is a means to demonstrate how to apply this idea to any business at any department level within a business. This means You. John just chose to use a restaurant for the ease of explaining issues in a manner that all here today can somewhat relate too.  We all have experienced "THEREASTAURANTS."

A person attending this presentation will come away with the techniques to implement in their area of a domain at work. An attendee will see how to place the objectives of operation with a plan that 99% of employees will fill grate about being a part of. As we all know, without employees or worker bees that are productive, we cannot be as successful. Most of all, we all want to come home from work, energized, not dragging, fulfilled and accomplished. Feeling, I made a difference today.

Of course, we will be addressing the age-old communications thing. But with a new recognition of who are we communicating too and what are we talking to them in Things or Dollars. It makes a difference.

Don't forget, how do you keep employees from job-hopping. We need those long term employees.

Yep, I will lead you to the simplicity to keep them happy. Most employees or worker bees want to know how they contribute to the success of the entity. This reduces the water cooler complaining and drives new ideas with enthusiasm.

Finally, all businesses want continuous improvements. This presentation will offer you the particulars to make it happen automatically. The job is good and rewarding. Bring it on.


Menches Brothers, Green, Ohio, (CEO of Menches Brothers Family restaurant known as: "The Inventors of the Original Hamburger and Ice Cream Cone")
Worked as a family member behind the scenes for 19 years and for the past several years, I am actively engaged as the CEO. Now in its 25th year, it is a strong viable and surviving independent restaurant. Appling some QA lesson learned managing techniques have made this business most enjoyable.

Life is Good: Honoring my God and making time to serve is a true blessing. Doing the right things for my wife Mary, family and others in a time of their need are truly self-rewarding. Participating in “The Lion’s Club” for community service is satisfying and finally what personal time God gives me I spend working on my Antique 1931 Model “A” Ford Rumble Seat Coupe. A hobby is taking your inner self and exploding it with the enthusiasm of creativity. I love it and I am most grateful to share it with others.



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