Posted: August 09, 2018


All too often, we think that the purpose of belonging to an organization is to sell to fellow members of that group. If that is our purpose, we are being shortsighted.

Networking is not about selling, it is about building relationships. Let's face it, relationships take time. Time for us to become known, hopefully, liked and ultimately trusted.  As Stephen M R Covey points out in his book, "The Speed of Trust", the faster trust is established, the sooner good things begin to happen.

When meeting someone for the first few times, our thoughts shouldn't be, "what solution do I have that would benefit them?" Lead with that and trust will take a serious hit. It becomes about us and our agenda, not them!

Instead, look for ways to be of help.  Who do we know that they should know? What knowledge do we have that would benefit them? How can we become a resource without making it about us? Leave our branded products or services for later. Let the trust build!

As we become an asset to them, hopefully, they become an asset to us.  If we do it well, they will advocate for us, and there is nothing better than a raving fan! This occurs only if we truly care about them, and have proved that we do.

Why join an organization like NSME?  

It's about access, on several levels.

First, there are the members who are very well connected.  You may not do business with them, but they can advocate on your behalf with your target market. They won't open their Rolodex to you right away (ok, I'm old), however, with trust comes to access.

Second, there are the speakers who present to NSME.
With some of them, you would find it near impossible to get past their gatekeepers.  This has been the single most valuable benefit of membership to me.

Here is a list of people I have met through NSME in the last few years.
   Virginia Addicott, CEO, FedEx Custom Critical
   Ken Babby, CEO, Akron Rubberducks
   David Baker, President, Pro Football Hall of Fame
   Allan Brown, VP of HR, FedEx Custom Critical
   William Considine, CEO, Akron Children's Hospital
   Evan Delahanty, CEO, Peaceful Fruits (on Shark Tank)
   Pete Fierle, VP, Pro Football Hall of Fame
   David Gaino, Emeritus Chairman, Apple Growth Partners
   Dr. Jay Gershen,  President, NEOMED
   Anne Graffice, VP, Pro Football Hall of Fame
   Ray Hexamer, CEO, First Communications
   Coach Dru Joyce, St Vincent/St Mary
   Joe Kanfer, CEO, GOJO Industries
   Kelly Keefe, President, ERC
   Dr. Rob McGregor, Chief Medical Officer, Akron Children's Hospital
   Rick McQueen, CEO, Akron-Canton Airport
   Steve Millard, CEO, Greater Akron Chamber
   Carrie Morse, Sr VP, ERC
   Doug Piekarz, CEO, Akron Zoo
   Elaine Reolfi, VP, Timken Steel
   Denny Saunier, CEO, Canton Regional Chamber
   William Shivers, President, Huntington National Bank, Stark and Mahoning Valley Region
   Don Taylor, CEO, Welty Building Company
   Jim Tressel, President, Youngstown State University
   Matthew Wilson, President, University of Akron

Third, you have access to all the presenters who are experts in their fields and bring that expertise to NSME in the areas of sales, marketing, leadership, advertising, management, success and many related topics. These are people who often work with top regional, national, and in some cases, international clients. This education is invaluable.  And whereas in many cases you only experience half-hour sessions, ours are an hour in length.  And you have the opportunity to interact and network with them.

In the end, it is ALL about access, and NSME provides access like no other.  We deliberately strive to provide you with excellent opportunities. It is up to you to take advantage.



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This is without exception, the single-best networking organization I belong to. They have these amazing educational events where some of the area's leading minds come to share their wisdom. It's awesome!

Jeff McMahan Senior Account Supervisor Innis Maggiore

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