November 10, 2020 Dinner

The Tangier 06.00 pm

 "Sales 2020—This is not your father’s sales job"  Elizabeth Z. Bartz, President, and CEO

 Business 2020 is not done with a handshake anymore. It isn’t a slap on the back to get the work done. It takes time…a lot of time…to build a relationship with a person or a company so there is trust for what your company is going to do.

  What you will learn:

EB DSC 1080 hs LR 002 Liz B

    *Being Organized

    *Finding the Right People to be at your Side

    *Pay Your Taxes and Your Staff

  • Honesty—Still the Only Way to do It



    *Elizabeth Bartz is President and CEO of State and Federal Communications, a national government affairs firm in Akron, Ohio. She purchased the department she managed from State and Federal Associates in Alexandria, Virginia in 1993 and moved it, along with the business, clients, and revenue to Akron. Elizabeth is a tireless crusader for corporate compliance and works with lobbyists from major corporations in the country to insure all lobbying and campaign finance reports are filed accurately and on time. She serves on the Community Advisory Council for WKSU, co-chair of the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce Government Relations Committee, and chair of the Public Policy Committee for the United Way of Summit County.


Tangier's restrictions and guidelines with COVID:

Guests are required to wear a mask when entering the building and while they are up and moving around. Masks may be taken off while guests are seated at their table.

All Tangier employees will wear masks and gloves at all times. Employees are screened for COVID symptoms each shift.

Sanitizing Stations are located throughout the building and all of our hard surfaces are being wiped down more regularly.

We will be using disposable products for butter, salt/pepper, and barware.

The server will plate the food for all buffets. Salads at the table will be pre-dressed

Coffee and Iced Tea will be butlered to your table instead of at a station. 


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