November NSME Workshop

The Tangier 04.30 pm

How Millennials are Shaping Consumerism

Flippantly misunderstood as lazy and entitled, pay close attention to Millennial’s spending habits.  With a population of 83 million, the largest generation not only has changed the landscape of consumerism with their own pocketbooks but are the first generation to “influence up” by shifting the mindset of Gen X & Baby Boomers. 

Learn about the six mindsets that shape consumer spending.



Speaker Bio:

Liz Hand is a Certified Financial PlannerTM with Pleasant Wealth, LLC in Canton. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Management from Mount Vernon Nazarene University and a Master’s Degree in Family Financial Planning from Montana State University.  Liz has worked in personal finance for 9 years and focuses her practice on helping women step into retirement by managing investments, designing retirement income, and distilling the complex finance world into bite-size pieces. Some of those "bites" can be found on her YouTube Channel: Liz Hand

She is married to Nate and has two boys Mason (4) and Brennan (2).  A free day finds their family exploring the events that downtown Canton has to offer.

Today Liz is speaking to you about her own generation, Gen Y – the 6 mindsets highlighted today not only apply to her peers but also within the spending patterns of the clients she works with daily: Baby Boomer Women.


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