NSME Akron/Canton Workshop - September

“How Google Controls the World – Your digital strategy starts here.” by Elizabeth Orley, Digital Marketing Marketing Director, Innovative Global Vision, Inc.


In 2022 Google still controls the majority of the search engine world. Their world domination is led by an ever-changing algorithm designed for end users to find what they are looking for. Google provides us with an abundance of tools to help businesses navigate those changes, and they are free for us to use. The key we have to use them the right way to maximize our results in organic search. Google must be the centerpiece of your digital strategy. When utilized correctly, you will be found when people are searching for your products and services.



About Elizabeth Orley:

Innovative Global Vision is a website design, hosting, and digital marketing agency that specializes in WordPress website development. We are known for working with numerous brands ranging from startups to fortune 500 organizations, including NFL teams such as the Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens, and Arizona Cardinals.
As Digital Marketing Director at IGV Inc, my goal is to improve our clients’ organic search traffic through digital marketing strategy and content development. With more than 15 years in the digital marketing space, I bring experience with graphic design, photography, videography, content development, PPC, analytics and social media deployment to IGV Inc.
There are short term solutions for business, like paid per click ads. . . Then there are digital marketing campaigns that pass the test of time. Excellent designed websites are key to winning the chess game with Google. No matter what changes to search engine algorithms our job is to keep our clients aligned with what is next. We win, you win, period.

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