NSME North Coast July 27, 2021 Luncheon

“THE POWER OF YOUR STORY" by Craig D Chamberlain, President of CAIR Leadership


Too often we think we have one story to tell, how we came to be, how old or successful we are. People generally don't care. Our story is not important to them. However, what we do for others often reveals who we are!

We will be looking at one company which for the last decade has created highly engaging stories. Some will delight, some will tug at your heart while others will leave you laughing.

Why can a story have such incredible power?                                                                                                                                              CDC Globe close2

What makes a powerful story?

Can stories project your brand?

Is there an advantage to telling stories of good deeds?

What is your story's impact on your customers, employees and the public?

What sort of economic impact may result from this type of story?


Craig Chamberlain is first and foremost, a coach. He brings his curiosity to all he does and considers that curiosity leading to insight is among his greatest assets. His great joy is helping YOU discover who you need to BECOME, to achieve your desired success, as an individual or organization.

CAIR Leadership (spelled C. A. I. R. - Competency, Attitude, Influence, Relationships) was created to bring the principles of enlightened personal, professional and leadership development to you. To that end, in 2011, Craig became a Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team. Now numbering nearly 40,000, residing in over 165 countries, this group is led by John C. Maxwell, the number one leadership guru in the world for the past 10 years, and author of over 100 books.

Craig was shaped by Heidelberg College, The University of Utah and the Marine Corps. His experience is diverse, having been a realtor, mortgage specialist, investor, co-owner of a coffee company, operated a internet company and has been a multilevel marketeer.

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