October NSME Dinner

The Tangier 06.00 pm

"Principles of Marketing using the KORM Form, A short and needed review that gets back to basics." by Mike Kormushoff, Account Supervisor, ST&P Marketing Communications, Inc.

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Mike Kormushoff, Account Supervisor

Fun Fact: Korm played keyboard for the “Couriers” in the 60s. They delivered sound. Ba dum tish!
Mike (or Korm, as he’s called around the office) offers more than three decades of marketing experience in sales, sales management, advertising, research, and strategic planning. Prior to becoming a founding partner at ST&P, Korm performed extensive international business and travel, served as a marketing and business consultant, and formed his own advertising agency.
Korm obtained a BSBA in Marketing from The University of Akron and also served there as an Integrated Marketing Communications instructor for 14 years. He’s also an importer of fine wines and food products at Macedonia Importers, LLC.


Tangier's restrictions and guidelines with COVID:

Guests are required to wear a mask when entering the building and while they are up and moving around. Masks may be taken off while guests are seated at their table.

All Tangier employees will wear masks and gloves at all times. Employees are screened for COVID symptoms each shift.

Sanitizing Stations are located throughout the building and all of our hard surfaces are being wiped down more regularly.

We will be using disposable products for butter, salt/pepper, and barware.

The server will plate the food for all buffets. Salads at the table will be pre-dressed

Coffee and Iced Tea will be butlered to your table instead of at a station. 

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This is without exception, the single-best networking organization I belong to. They have these amazing educational events where some of the area's leading minds come to share their wisdom. It's awesome!

Jeff McMahan Senior Account Supervisor Innis Maggiore

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